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Diversity... Now is the debut full-album release from the Canadian singer/songwriter and inspirational artist. Diverse Inspirations is the companion eBook. It has been a journey spanning many life experiences, setbacks, and challenges. And now, the time has come to share her experiences, thoughts, inspirations and soul-enlightening songs with the world.

Her music flows seamlessly between the styles of folk, adult contemporary, easy listening and soft rock. The message is one of discovering the truth within, to "just be yourself", and to pursue your dreams with passion. Carly will tell you that life may bring some challenging times, emotional & spiritual growth and, above all else, learning about the "real you".

Diversity... Now is ten songs strong. Naturally, the diverse selection of musical styling is by design.

"I think you'll really like the flow of this album. The songs tell of opening your soul, your heart, and your mind. There are so many possibilities once we realize our own strengths... and weaknesses. Being true to your self is very important. It's the starting point for great things to happen in life. But without your weaknesses, you won't know what you have to either accept, or work to change. It can be very difficult sometimes. I know - I've been there."

Hope, inspiration, acceptance, and of course, loving yourself for who you are. That's the spirit of this project, Diversity... Now. That's the method by which The Gypsy Butterfly hopes to encourage people, everywhere she goes.

So... what does she sound like? Glad you asked!
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